Brew Methods

The brew methods we currently use so you can enjoy your daily cup.

Pour Over

The Hario V60 Dripper is an excellent way to brew pourover coffee by the cup. The 60 degree angled cone is specially designed to optimize extraction and regulate the flow of water. The result is a clean and delicious cuppa joe.



Coffee brewing using an Syphon


A syphon or Vacpot brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure produces a super clean, smooth, and exciting cup of coffee.



The coffee brewing method using an espresso


The ultimate in brew methods. Espresso is created by forcing water through coffee grounds, usually at 9 bars of pressure. At Kafka’s we have a specially modified Synesso, and we brew at variable rates, depending on the shot.


Nitro Cold Brew

Kafka’s Cold Brew Nitro

Our cold brewed coffee is steeped for more then 12 hours. It never comes into contact with hot water which results in a very different taste to regular brewed coffee. Its extremely chocolate forward and refreshing with low acidity. We mix ours with nitrogen gas which adds a creaminess to the texture and taste.



Our Tea is a curated selection from JagaSlik

Our teas are curated by JagaSilk. We rotate our teas seasonally both to ensure freshness and to provide interesting new flavours. Jagasilk sources all of their teas direct from farmers and are extremely skilled at finding the perfect cup. We always have a small but suitable selection of black, green, and herbal tea.