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Kafka Coffee and Tea Arts and Events Opening

Kafka Coffee and Tea art show opening of STATIC

As a community hub, Kafka’s proudly supports local artists by providing them with an affordable, high-visibility venue in which to exhibit their work. Our walls regularly feature rotating solo and group shows of painting, photography, graphic design and other two-dimensional work. Artists interested in having their work featured at Kafka’s should contact our Curator and Arts Coordinator Michael Schwartz

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Current Exhibit

Immersed and Enthralled
Ana Isabel, Galit Mastai and Lucy Poskitt
November 17, 2016 to January 15, 2017
Upcoming Exhibit
Bill Wilkinson
January 19, 2017 to March 6, 2017
Past Exhibits
Keith Ikeda-Barry – Print 2016
Kevin McBride – Prey
Haley Hunt-Brodwin – But Not The Wild Bits
Nancy Boyd, Desiree DeRuiter, Jocelyn Fisk-Schleger, Aimee Henny Brown, Hugh Kearney, Melissa Mercier, Esther Rausenberg, and Bill Wilkinson – The Summer Set – presented in collaboration with the Art Rental & Sales Program of the Vancouver Art Gallery as part of ROVE.
Crissy Tioseco – A Natural Sort of Logic
Tristesse Seeliger – Tiling The Plane
Design Judge – This Must Be The Place
Colin Cej – Domesticated
Pelvetica – West Coast Wildlife

Sarah Clement, Aya Ikeda-Barry, Keith Ikeda-Barry, Sean Karemaker, Sarah Gee Miller, JG Mair, Ben Skinner, Ola Volo – 5: A Special Anniversary Show Celebrating Five Years of Art at Kafka’s

Lauren Zbarsky – 5’3″
Sarah Clement – Cabinet of Curiosities
Priscilla Yu – Kaleidoscope Resort



Rachael Ashe: Intricate Intimacy

Julia Kreutz: Stimulated Being

Sean Karemaker: Boy

Jamie Armstrong, Holton Brock and Roselina Hung, guest curated by Alex Quicho: Troublemaker

Jon Janzen: Cut Into Concept

Mark Illing: Aspiring Eccentric

Tehya Mackenzie: Sifting Memories


Ola Volo: It’s Complicated

Joseph Wu: Harmony: New Works in Origami

Sarah Gee Miller: Facets: New Works in Collage

Keith & Aya Ikeda-Barry: Heavy Skies & Lines

Matt Bowen: Big Things Come From Small Things

Jeff Bosworth: Un/Real India


Seth Rutledge: Truth and Justice


Sean Karemaker and Laura McIntosh: Stories in Colour

Hari Alluri, Elisa Chee, Erik Haensel, Naomi Horii and Cecily Nicholson: Liminal Mined

Lindsay Chetek, Chu-Chu Kenchenten, Josh Loewen, Nicolas Lypowy, Carmen Majeau and Kelly Schmidt: Can’t Break My Bones

Steffen Quong: Static

Kajin Goh with Tessa Wetherill: Alleys of Damansara Jaya

Jackie Dives and Kyu Hwang: Illustrations


Andrea Wan, Sibel Duzenli, Ola Volo: Observances

Keith & Aya Ikeda-Barry: Works From The Thirty Days Project, June 2011

Ashley Andel: Living Room/Breathing Space

JG Mair and Ben Skinner: Overheard Over There

Sarah Clement, Keith Weiss and Drew Young

Ron Laufer: Photographs


Typematerial: Typematerial

Kafka Coffee and Tea Art Opening

Kafka Coffee and Tea Art Opening of STATIC

Part of ROVE Art Walk. See for all participating venues.